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The Dawg House

We have been in business for almost 9 years and recently moved our Board & Train business last year to our newly acquired "Dawg" House.  We are located in a beautiful, established neighborhood in the heart of West Plano.  We are whimsical and have a fun doggie sense of humor.  It’s all about the dogs at our place and they are pampered!  All dogs in our care participate in on-going training activities such as our big Group Place sessions on Saturdays.  They get training follow through the entire time they are here.  The dogs get to play in groups based on their energy and comfort level and also get breaks throughout the day to rest.  The play yard has commercial grade K-9 turf and a huge pool.  Dogs get to swim, fetch, wrestle and snooze.   We also celebrate VIP birthdays with everything from pup cakes, doggie ice cream and cookies to dog-safe balloons and bacon flavored dog-safe bubbles.  They also have fun holiday dog parties. No humans allowed!  

Someone is ALWAYS home and the pups are monitored around the clock with top of the line in-home and perimeter security.  The boarding room is clean and climate regulated to provide the pups with the best doggie hotel environment during their stay.  Dogs are loved on and nurtured with patience, laps, puppy kisses, hugs, and all the needed individual attention.   We let the dogs be themselves while they are undergoing training which is important while we are establishing trust and building confidence.  

We are conveniently located in the heart of West Plano.  Our address is 4309 Eldorado, Drive Plano TX 75093

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