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The Confident Pooch
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About Us

At The Confident Pooch, we are focused on providing canine obedience and behavior modification services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We will do everything we can to meet your training goals for your dog.

With a variety of training options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. 

The Confident Pooch training team uses balanced training methods to yield consistent and accurate results for pet owners that are serious about changing their dogs’ behavior and how they will obey commands. Balanced training means that the dog will respond the first time a command is given not a second, third or fourth time.  You will no longer need to lure or bribe your dog with treats to obey its commands.   Through Operant Conditioning we will use positive reinforcement such as treats, clicker and praise to encourage good behavior while the dog is learning and then introduce consequences for not noncompliance. This will yield amazing results and the dog will end up with true respect for its owner.  

Many people now consider their dogs to be members of their family. In many ways, they are. Some dog owners go so far as to interpret their dog's every action in human terms. Given this special status, as family member and companion, they naturally start to look at their furry friends through "people-colored" glasses. This is where problems begin. Dogs simply do not think like people. This humanizing of a dog's behavior leads to accidental faulty judgments about what dogs understand, what they need, and what is best for the dog. 

The Confident Pooch program recognizes even the most frustrated and fed up owners and want to help bridge the communication gap between the dog and its owner. A great variety of Board & Train and private training will help our clients regain control of their lives and learn how to really enjoy their relationship with their dogs.

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