The Confident Pooch

The Confident Pooch
Certifed Dog Trainers & 
Behavior Modificaion Specialists

Our Services

Group Classes

Come train at our facility with a group of others at the same skill level! Classes meet 1 time a week for 6-8 weeks depending on the class type. These classes are a ton of fun and are a chance for both you and your dog to socialize.

Check our calendar for upcoming group classes and make sure to ask about our NEW "Wine and Train" for those for those of you that would like to have a nice glass of wine while we work!

- Puppy Class - (6 weeks) - $250 - Housebreaking, Crate Training, Puppy Socialization, Training Games, Sit, Place and Loose Leash Walking

- Basic Obedience - (6 weeks) - $275 - How Dogs Learn, Sit, Down, Place, Come to Me and Loose-Leash Walking

- Intermediate Obedience - (8 weeks) - $325 - Expand on basic commands adding distance, duration and distractions, Heel, Leave It, Recall

- Advanced Obedience - (8 weeks) - $325 - Different Locations with More Distractions, Off Leash Reliability

- Out On The Town - (8 weeks) - $350 - Clients meet in different locations with the trainer and practice everything they have learned out in real   world situations (Home Depot, Restaurants, Busy Parks and more)

- Nosework Class - (6 Weeks) - $325 -  scent detection sport based on your dog’s extraordinary sense of smell and natural desire to hunt. Fun, mentally stimulating activities will help your dog gain confidence and strength as he searches and finds the source of a specific odor. Meanwhile you’ll develop a deeper relationship and working partnership with one another. Because K-9 Nose Work doesn’t require interaction or socialization between dogs, it’s a great option for shy or non-social dogs, giving them an opportunity to learn in a stress-free environment.

Day Training

You come to us.  This option is perfect for owners that work during the day.  Just drop off in the morning and pick up after work.  Our prices are inclusive of small group daycare and day boarding. With each package we will provide a complimentary lesson to show you everything they have learned and how to maintain their training.  

Loose Leash Clinic 1 - Walk Nicely in 1 Week!!! - $299 *must be M-F

Polishing/Obedience Training Package - 6 Sessions - $399 *dog must come minimum of 2 times per week for consistency

Board & Train

This is our most effective program and the most convenient option for pet owners that do not want to be present during training.  This is especially practical for the owner that doesn't have time to train their dog, that is planning to go on vacation or that has a dog with behavior modification issues. 

With this service, your dog stays with us at our Trainer-Owned Home.  We make an initial assessment and develop a tailored training program for your dog.  Your dog is trained in all types of practical situations, inside and outside.  The dog is worked around people, other dogs and in many different environments.  

In Board & Train we cover everything from basic obedience, home manners, housebreaking, crate training and off-leash reliability to behavior problems such as jumping, leash aggression, possessive aggression, dog to dog aggression and fear aggression.

* Board & Train requires a 2 week minimum 

2 Week Obedience Board & Train - $1199

2 Week Behavior Modification Board & Train - $1399

All Board & Train guests receive the following:

- Accommodation in a 4'x6' Run or Oversized Smithbuilt Crate

- Raised Cot Beds by Kuranda

- Continuous Monitoring

- Complimentary Limited play sessions with other appropriately trained dogs

- Go Home Video that shows your dog's progress and the "How To" for the commands they have learned

- Complimentary Go Home Lesson to show you the commands your dog has learned and how to maintain those commands in the home

- Complimentary In-Home Private Lesson to aid in the transition from our facility to the home

In-Home Private Lessons 

We'll come to you!  Our most convenient option!

Option 1: 1-On-1 coaching for you and your dog in the comfort of your own home. This training starts with a required $50 in-home evaluation to witness the natural interaction between family members and each other and your dog to better understand the underlying causes for your particular concerns. Lessons are 50 minutes - 1 hour.  - $129 per Lesson or $675 Pkg of 6

Option 2: 1-on-1 training with the trainer and your dog while you are at work or out of town.  We will potty your dog, exercise and train them during the 30-45 minute session.  A one-time $50 in-home evaluation is required.  *Minimum of 3 times per week is required for consistency - $100 per lesson or $549 Pkg of 6

Private Lessons can cover a broad spectrum of issues: 

- Puppy Housebreaking and Crate Training

- Home Manners

- Basic Obedience - Come to Me, Sit, Down, Place, Loose-Leash Walking

- Intermediate/Advanced Obedience - All commands expanded with Distance, Duration and Distractions in the home and different locations for

  generalization and ultimately working towards Off-Leash Reliability

- Swimming Lessons (if you have a pool, we can teach your dog how to swim!)

- Tricks

- Behavior Issues such as Jumping, Digging, Chewing on furniture, Leash Aggression, Barrier Aggression, Fear Aggression, Possessive 

  Aggression, Dog to Dog Aggression and Separation Anxiety

** $40 Extra Per Additional Dog 

** If your dog has ever bitten a person or is overly aggressive, we will require an additional trainer to assist to ensure the safety of everyone and the dog - $85 Extra for the additional trainer 

Find Your Perfect Pet!

This is a service near and dear to our hearts.  So many dogs are returned after adoption because they are unfortunately not the right fit for the adopting family.  We want to help make sure you choose the dog with the best temperament to suit your family dynamic, personality and lifestyle.  Through an extensive evaluation we can asses which puppy from a breeder or dog from a rescue or shelter will be the best choice! Let us help you pick today!

$75 per location for evaluation, we can asses multiple dogs in same location