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Our Services

Board & Train


This is our most effective and intense option for obedience training and behavior modification. This option is especially practical for the owner that doesn't have time to train their dog, that is planning to go on vacation or that has a dog with behavior modification issues.

With this service your dog stays with us at our private home location in Plano, Hudson's Camp Canine. We will make an initial assessment of what is needed at a complimentary in-home evaluation. We will then develop a tailored training program for your dog.



In Board & Train we cover everything from basic obedience, home manners, housebreaking, crate training and off-leashreliability to behavior problems such as jumping, leash aggression, confidence building, possessive aggression, dog to dog aggression, dog to people aggression, fear aggression and separation anxiety.

2 Week Obedience Foundations - $1400

- Loosh Leash Walking (Heel), Sit-Stay, Place, Watch Me, Jumping and Mouthing

- Low distractions

- 1 30-minute Go-Home lesson at pick up

- 2 Private Lessons at low distraction areas at parks (Jack Carter or Arbor Hills) and Home Depot

4 Week Standard Obedience - $2499

- Loose Leash Walking (Heel), Sit-Stay, Place, Down-Stay, Recall, Watch Me, Door Manners, Jumping and Mouthing

- Increased Distractions indoors and outdoors

- 4-5 field trips to Home Depot and Parks (Jack Carter or Arbor Hills) (as allowable)

- 1 30-minute visitation at the half-way point

- 1 Hour Go-Home Lesson at pick up

- 4 Private Lessons at medium distraction areas at parks (Jack Carter or Arbor Hills) and Home Depot

8 Week CGC Advanced Obedience - $4899

- 4 Week Standard Obedience and Crate training

- Weeks 5-8 Advanced Obedience (Send to Crate, Send to Place from 30 feet, Off-Leash Recall, Increased Distance, Durations and Distractions

on all standard commands

- Behavior Modification (as needed)

- CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Readiness/Prep - Accepting Friendly Greetings from a Stranger, Dog to Dog Greetings, Standing or Sitting for Grooming and Body Handling, Out of Sight Separation from Owner Test, Heavy distraction levels such as Heeling through a crowd

- 1 Behavior of the Client's choosing (Drop It, Leave It, Touch, Push, Pull, Up (Paw on Arm), Figure 8, Weave, Roll Over, Spin & Turn, Tunnel, Catch, Play Dead, Wave, High 5, Speak)

- 1 30-minute Lesson on-site every 2 weeks

- 1 Hour Go-Home lesson at Pick Up

- 4 Private Lessons (client comes to us)

12 Week Off Leash Reliability - $7050

- Standard - Advanced Obedience

- CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Readiness/Prep

- Stand Stay for Exam

- Behavior Modification

- Off Leash Reliability for Heeling, Sit, Place, Down, Send to Crate, Send to Place and Off-Leash Recall

- Distraction Proofing with E-Collar

- 2-3 Behaviors of the Client's choosing (Drop It, Leave It, Touch, Push, Pull, Up (Paw on Arm), Figure 8, Weave, Roll Over, Spin & Turn, Tunnel, Catch, Play Dead, Wave, High 5, Speak)

- 1 30-minute Lesson on-site every 2 weeks

- 1 In-Home Private Lesson at 8 Weeks

- 4 Private Lessons (client comes to us)

Behavior Modification - 8 Week Board & Train by default or $600 per Week Add-On - these are guidelines, a more specific recommendation will be made by the trainer during the evaluation

- Leash Reactivity (Non-Aggressive) - 2 Week B&T + 1 Week Add-On

- Leash Reactivity (Aggressive) - 2 Week B&T + 2 Week Add-On

- Dog to Dog Aggression - 4 Week B&T + 2 Week Add-On

- Dog to People Aggression - 4 Week B&T + 2 Week Add-On

- Resource Guarding - 2 Week B&T + 1 Week Add-On

- Barrier Aggression - 4 Week B&T + 1 Week Add-On

- Crate Anxiety - 4 Week B&T + 1 Week Add-On

- Fear Behaviors - 4 Week B&T minimum - then reevaluation

- Separation Anxiety - 8 Week B&T - then reevaluate - *severe separation anxiety cases can take longer than 8 weeks


All Board & Train guests receive the following:

- Oversized-Smithbuilt Crate in climate controlled private home

- Continuous Monitoring

- Complimentary play sessions with other appropriately trained dogs or small group daycare

- Complimentary Interactive Toy (Peanut Butter Kong or Crate Safe Starmark Treat Toy or Benebone)

- Written Instructions on how to maintain training at home

- Puppy kisses and tons of affection from humans!

Private Lessons

Option for the owner that wants to be involved every step of the way!

Training Packages: 10% or more savings

Package of 6 Lessons - $675 - you come to us

Package of 6 Lessons - $860 - we come to you

Most basic obedience can be accomplished in 6 lessons if the owners and pups work hard

A La' Carte:

$129 per lesson - you come to us

$159 per lesson - we come to you

Private Lessons can cover a broad spectrum of issues:

- Puppy Housebreaking and Crate Training

- Home Manners

- Basic Obedience - Recall (Come), Sit, Down, Place, Loose-Leash Walking

- Intermediate/Advanced Obedience - All commands expanded with Distance, Duration and Distractions in the home and different locations for generalization and ultimately working towards Off-Leash Reliability

- Swimming Lessons (if you have a pool, we can teach your dog how to swim!)

- Tricks

- Behavior Issues such as Jumping, Digging, Chewing on furniture, Counter Surfing, Digging through Trash, Cat Proofing, Barrier Aggression, and Separation Anxiety

** If your dog has ever bitten a person or is overly aggressive, we will require an additional trainer to assist to ensure the safety of everyone and the dog - $85 Extra for the additional trainer 

Group Classes


This is a really fun option as the pet owners get to socialize with each other and the trainer. Group classes are also a budget conscious choice.  Classes last 6 weeks and cover all of Standard Obedience and Advanced Obedience.  Classes will meet at different times of the year usually spring and fall.  Highly reactive or aggressive dogs will not be allowed to remain in group class.  Trainer will make that assessment by the 2nd class and will be given the option to roll the remaining pro-rated cost of the class into private lessons or board & train. 

Polishing Day Training


This option is perfect for current clients that work during the day. Just schedule with us, drop off in the morning and pick up after work. These sessions can be used as needed to polish commands or behaviors. With each package we will provide a complimentary lesson to show you everything they have learned and how to maintain their training. This option is available only to clients that have participated in Private Lessons or Board & Train.


Polishing Day Training Package - 6 Sessions - $325 - Daycare is NOT included - additional $20 per day 

Standard Obedience Group Class - $425

- 6 Week Class

- Small Classes up to 6 Dogs so that everyone gets plenty of individual attention

- Meets at Jack Carter Park or Windhaven Meadows Park in Plano

- Price covers all required training equipment

- Heel, Sit- Stay, Down-Stay, Place, Watch Me, and Come


Advanced Obedience - $375 (must have gone through our Standard Obedience Class)

- 6 Week Class

- Meets at Jack Carter Park or Windhaven Meadows Park and a store (usually Home Depot)

- Owners will need to bring place beds and crates to certain lessons

- Overview of Basic commands, Send to Crate, Send to Place, Recall from a Distance,

   Sit and Down from a Distance, Intro to Clicker with a Trick

Find Your Perfect Pet!


This is a service near and dear to our hearts. So many dogs are returned after adoption because they are unfortunately not the right fit for the adopting family. We want to help make sure you choose the dog with the best temperament to suit your family dynamic, personality and lifestyle. Through an extensive evaluation we can asses which puppy from a breeder or dog from a rescue or shelter will be the best choice! Let us help you pick today!


$100 per location for evaluation, we can assess multiple dogs in same location

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